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Photography at Selby Gardens

Taking Photos at Selby Gardens

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens (Selby Gardens) welcomes photographers to take photos and/or videos of the Gardens for personal use during normal business hours. For all other uses, please refer below.


Wedding Photography

The only wedding-related (bride, groom, family, wedding party, etc.) photography permitted at Selby Gardens is that which is in taken in conjunction with a wedding contracted through Selby Gardens and held on Selby Gardens’ property.


Special Occasion Photography

Special Occasion Photography is considered any staged/group photo shot and may include, but is not limited to: family reunions, holidays, engagements, anniversaries, quinceañera, graduations, prom, pregnancy, blogs, birthdays, etc.

The number of Special Occasion Photography sessions (amateur or professional) permitted at either Selby Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota or Historic Spanish Point campuses during normal operating hours (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.) is limited to a maximum of five per day. Advance reservations are recommended, but not required.  A $100 deposit is required.

Special Occasion Photography guests without an advance reservation may not be able to have a photography session if the maximum number of sessions has already been reached that day.

Special Occasion Photography Guidelines:

  • General admission is required for all members of the photo session
  • Standard membership privileges apply
  • Special Occasion Photography is NOT permitted in the Tropical Conservatory
  • All Special Occasion Photography sessions must be completed within a two-hour timeframe

Special Occasion Photography Fees:

  • $100 (parties up to five – including the photographer and any assistants)
  • $200 (parties of six to 10 – including the photographer and any assistants)
  • Parties exceeding 10 guests must follow Commercial Photography guidelines below

For wedding and special event photography inquiries, please email

Commercial Photography

Advance reservations are required for all commercial photography sessions and arrangements must be made through Selby Gardens’ External Relations Department at least three business days in advance.

Projects will be approved on a case-by-case basis
Non-refundable $250 deposit (put towards overall cost)
Changing rooms are not available

Commercial Photography Pricing:

Still Photography*
Four (4) hours – half-day: $500
Eight (8) hours – full-day: $1,000

Four (4) hours – half-day: $1,000
Eight (8) hours – full-day: $2,000

Television and Major Motion Pictures *
Eight (8) hours – full-day: $10,000
* $125 per hour, per person before or after office hours

All photography fees collected directly support the Selby Gardens’ mission of bayfront sanctuaries connecting people with air plants of the world, native nature, and our regional history .

Student Photography and Filming

Individual student (high school, college, or university) photographers/videographers and non-profit organizations are subject to the same guidelines that apply to commercial projects. Students and organizations must contact the External Relations Department in advance for project authorization. Projects will be approved on a case-by-case basis. A reduced fee, in accordance with the scope of the project request, may be offered.

  • In general, students must fill out and send the application at least seven business days in advance of the shoot.
  • Students must submit scans of valid student ID and a letter of support from a teacher/professor regarding the project.
  • Large student projects may also be asked to provide a certificate of insurance from the school.
  • Dressing room facilities are not available.
  • Must follow all guidelines and restrictions for photography/videography.

For commercial and student photography and filming inquiries, please email

Guidelines for all Special Occasion and Commercial Photography and Videography

Please note the following rules regarding wedding, special occasion and commercial photography, as well as videography and drone footage, at Selby Gardens.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens reserves the right to approve final content for anything in which Selby Gardens, in name or visual form, will appear.

The photography session must not block visitor flow and enjoyment of the either campus.

All individuals and photographers must stay on general pathways and out of plants, flowers, and trees; and should refrain from placing equipment on plants, planting material or the like.

Rearrangement of plants or planted materials is prohibited.

Sitting, walking, standing or use of a structure for any use other than its intended purpose is prohibited.

Changing of clothing or photography/videography of bathing suits or lingerie is not permitted. Nudity, in any form, is strictly prohibited.

If an individual or photographer fails to comply with the outlined rules and policies, Selby Gardens reserves the right to deny permission for photography/videography, may stop a photography session at anytime during the photo shoot, and ask the individuals to the leave the premises without reimbursement of any pre-paid fees.



All media sessions must be approved through the External Relations Department, including any content intended for print, radio, television, or film. Press requests will be handled separately from all other photography/videography requests.

To discuss your needs and make arrangements, please email

Please note: Marie Selby Botanical Gardens reserves the right to turn away photographers who meet any of the above criteria, and have Right of Refusal based on ethical guidelines/content.