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Butterfly House

Take flight at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Historic Spanish Point campus!

The region’s only butterfly house resides beside the outdoor Native Butterfly Garden at our Historic Spanish Point campus. Visitors will be surrounded by colorful Florida butterflies and their favorite flowers.

More than 160 butterfly species breed in Florida, and about 200 species migrate through the state. Many butterflies in Florida aren’t found anywhere else in North America. Species that might be spotted in the Butterfly House and the Sunshine State include the cloudless sulfur, giant swallowtail, Gulf fritillary, monarch, orange-barred sulphur, and the zebra longwing (the Florida state butterfly).

Butterflies play an important role in pollination and the Butterfly House will both educate and delight families throughout our region.

The Butterfly House is sponsored by The Charles T. Bauer Foundation.

Butterfly House Selby Gardens
Orange butterfly Selby Gardens
Butterfly Selby Gardens