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The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is known for its knowledge of epiphytes and astounding collections. Among some of the best in the world are Selby’s plant collections (living and preserved), electronic databases and printed documentation, books (including rare books and botanical plates), scientific journals, and terabytes of digital images and video from over thirty years of research, expeditions, and collaboration by some of the worlds best botanists. Selby Gardens maintains the most comprehensive collection of living epiphytes in the world.


Herbarium (SEL)

The Selby Gardens Herbarium consists of over 115,000 specialized collections of tropical flora, largely neotropical, with an emphasis on epiphytes ... Read More

Research Library

This specialized botanical library deals primarily with tropical plants, especially epiphytes. The library houses approximately 7,000 volumes, including a rare ... Read More

Spirit Collection

The Spirit Collection contains approximately 35,000 vials of flowers and other plant parts in preservative fluids making it the largest ... Read More

Living Plant Collection

With nearly 13,000 accessions, the Living Collection at Selby Gardens is the best in the world for its representation of ... Read More