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Legacy Giving

Follow the examples of Marie Selby and Bertha Palmer:
Make an impact for future generations.


Regardless of your age or stage in life, you can include a gift to Selby Gardens in your plans that will grow with you and your family.

Starting Your First Professional Job
Include a beneficiary designation of 5% to Selby Gardens on your employer sponsored retirement plan. It will get you in the habit of remembering to make a gift to Selby Gardens in your long-term plan.

Your First Will or Trust
Plan for the security of your family and loved ones first, and then include a gift from the remaining assets to go to Selby Gardens.

When Your Nest is Empty
As your children, nieces or nephews start their own careers and families, you are likely to revisit your estate plans. That is a great time to include a planned gift for Selby Gardens if you have not already.

In Your Retirement Years 
As your loved ones’ become more established and secure, you may begin considering your legacy and the assets that could help you achieve your long-term dreams for the future of our community, the Gardens, and those who visit the bayfront sanctuaries. Thoughtful planning done with your advisors and the team at Selby Gardens can ensure your legacy plan will efficiently transfer assets, and effectively impact the future of the Gardens.


Join the
Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes those who demonstrate the highest level of loyalty to Selby Gardens by making a gift in their will or trust, as a beneficiary of their retirement account, or through another type of planned gift.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs or contact the Development department at (941) 366-5731 Ext. 224 or