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Bromeliad Programs

Bromeliaceae is a large family of over 3,400 species in 75 genera widely distributed in the New World from Virginia ... Read More

Orchid Programs

The Orchidaceae is one of the largest families of flowering plants and contains over 25,000 species found nearly the world ... Read More

Gesneriad Programs

The Gesneriaceae is a family of mostly tropical flowering plants distributed throughout the world’s tropical forests. Centers of diversity include Andean ... Read More
Epiphytes of Belize

Epiphytes of Belize

IDENTIFICATION GUIDES TO SOME EPIPHYTES OF BELIZE: Common Epiphytes and Lithophytes of Belize (6 mb) Epiphytes of Las Cuevas Research ... Read More
Tillandsia utriculata Conservation

Tillandsia utriculata Conservation

For the past 40 years, an invasive weevil, Metamasius callizona, has been attacking the native bromeliads in Florida (Frank and ... Read More